How to Clean your Rug … the Professional Way

So many homes and businesses now a-days have rugs, more often than not in high traffic area, but often they are top quality to enhance rooms. Diamond Contract Cleaners are specialists when it comes to getting that precious rug cleaned.
But if you should try to clean your rug yourself this is the correct way to do it.
Dye testing. Pre-test the area for colour fastness to determine if it can be wet or dry cleaned.
Dry soil removal. Use a top quality vacuum like we do, in our case ours is 5 times more powerful than a standard vacuum called a pile lifter to remove as much dry soil as possible, while using the utmost care for fragile rugs.
Pre-treat any spots or stains that may be on the rug. Make sure that you use the best pre treatment solutions as we do.
Soil suspension. The rug needs to be sprayed with a cleaning solution and then a machine should be used that gently agitates the soil to loosen it.
Extraction of soils. The soils, dust mites and pollens will be lifted out of the rug with our truck mounted cleaning machine.
Pile alignment. We use a special carpet grooming brush to realign the rug pile which also allows it to dry faster. If you choose to do this yourself it is important that you get the pile alignment right.
Finally Sanitise & Deodorise. You need to spray a gentle mist to sanitise and deodorise your clean rug. We do this using a dual sanitiser and deodoriser which  is sprayed across the cleaned rug to kill any residual bacteria that might breed in the damp fibres. It also imparts a pleasant smell.
So now you know how you should clean your rug… if you decide you’d like us to clean your rugs, carpets or tiles.. just give us a call on 0800 328 9550 or visit our website here