Clean carpets in One Hour?

It’s funny how much time and expense we take to choose those items that make our homes and work places look smart and inviting.

Most people will regularly clean their carpets with a vacuum cleaner, but that isn’t totally effective at removing all the oily dirt and bacteria that collects in your carpets over the years.

Your carpet is in effect a filter that collects dust and pollens from the air, carpets manufactures recommend you have your carpets cleaned every 2 years to flush the oily substances out, Just like when you take your car for a service they change the oil air and fuel filters.

So we produced a 6 step carpet cleaning system which I think you’ll find useful at protecting your investment.

1. Vacuum to remove the loose dust we also vacuum the edges.

2. Treat any stains that may be on the carpet with our powerful stain removers.

3. Spray your carpet with an environment friendly cleaning solution leaving it to soak in and break the dirt down

4. Rinse the carpet with our powerful truckmount machines which involves shooting water in at high temperature and powerful vacuums pulling all the oily substances, dust mites and pollens out.

5. Put foil tabs or plastic bags under any furniture that might leak onto the damp carpet

6. Sanitise and Deodorise to prevent any bacteria from growing while your carpet dries it also smells nice too.

With the exclusive Diamond Contract Cleaning 6-Step service, your carpets are ready to use again within 4 to 6 hours.. We follow a methodical and trusted approach to every job – and it works.

Our speed of service is backed by our commitment to quality and our 100 risk-free guarantee. Our focus is not simply on making you happy, we have a world view too and use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that mean your carpet not only gets a complete clean, it’s a green clean.

By following our 6 step formula you’ll get a deep clean and stain removal service which penetrates the fibres and puts the life back into your carpets.

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