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If you are looking for professional carpet cleaners in the Bolton and Burnley area with many years service and experience, then with exclusive Diamond Contract Cleaning 7-Step service your carpets are ready to use again within one hour. We follow a methodical and trusted approach to every job – and it works.

Our speed of service is backed by our commitment to quality and our 100% risk-free guarantee. Our focus is not simply on making you happy, we have a world view too and use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that mean your carpet not only gets a complete clean, it’s a green clean. So avoid all those nasty chemicals which get into the water system and pollute the environment and choose an eco-friendly alternative.

A regular vacuum cleaner, unlike a carpet steam cleaner, isn’t totally effective at removing all the dirt and bacteria that collects deep in our carpets pile over the years – that’s when you need carpet cleaning to provide a deep clean and stain removal service which penetrates the fibres right down to the bottom layers and puts the life back into your carpet; it also can get rid of all those carpet mites, mould and even fungus that are the cause of some allergies, and is preferable to chemical treatment, especially if you have pets.

Let’s be honest: your cat or dog can foul your carpets or leave lingering smells which nothing appears to shift. Scrubbing can harm the carpet structure. Professional carpet cleaning preserves the structure and lifts odours right out replacing them with a pleasant bouquet.

We operate from the North West of England especially in the Burnley, Bolton, Chorley & Preston areas of Lancashire.

pdf icon Download our 7-Step Carpet Cleaning plan here (PDF download)