Rug cleaning can often be overlooked, rugs being smaller than carpets, some people think they don’t need as much care or attention. This is wrong. Rugs need cleaning as much as carpets, and because they tend to move around or are used in entrance ways building up outside grit and even soil, you need the experts to do a proper job. Diamond Contract Cleaners have long experience in cleaning all kinds of rugs. We are based in the North West of England in the Burnley, Bolton, Chorley and Preston areas but are happy to venture further afield

Our 7 Step Rug Cleaning Procedure

For The Cleanest Healthiest Rugs You Have Ever Seen!

rug cleaningSTEP ONE
Dye testing. We’ll pre-test the area for colour fastness to determine if it can be wet or dry cleaned.

rug-step2STEP TWO
Dry soil removal. We use a vacuum, which is 5 times more powerful than a standard vacuum, called a pile lifter to remove as much dry soil as possible while using the utmost care for fragile rugs.

rug-step3STEP THREE
Pre-treat any spots or stains that may be on the rug.

rug-step4STEP FOUR
Soil suspension. The rug will be sprayed with a cleaning solution. Gentle machines are used to agitate the soil loose.

rug-step5STEP FIVE
Extraction of soils. The soils, dust mites and pollens will be lifted out of the rug with our truck mounted cleaning machine.

rug-step6STEP SIX
Pile alignment. We use a special carpet grooming brush to realign the rug pile which also allows it to dry faster.

rug-step7STEP SEVEN
Sanitise & Deodorise. A dual sanitiser and deodoriser is sprayed across the cleaned rug to kill any residual bacteria that might breed in the damp fibres. It also imparts a pleasant smell.